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Birthing Project Sister-Friends is an extended family model with each volunteer Sister-Friend responsible for one pregnant woman. The pregnant teens and women range in age from 12 to 44 years old and in situations from married and employed but without the benefit of health insurance to unmarried with risk factors such as chronic disease, substance abuse and/or lack of basic resources (housing, transportation, etc.).

The Sister-Friends represent a cross section of personal and professional interests including health care, social services, the arts, community, education, and advocacy. Many of our Sister-Friends come from faith community and services clubs, such as sororities.

Birthing Project Sister Friend model uses the prenatal period to develop relationships with pregnant women at risk for poor birth outcomes (i.e. low birth weight, early gestation, fetal demise, etc.) and to provide psycho-social support to improve infant health and early literacy outcomes during the first year of life. During pregnancy, the primary focus is on helping you as an expectant mother to (1) obtain prenatal care (2) understand prenatal care & (3) comply with your prenatal plan of care.

After the birth of your baby, the emphasis will be (1) Health Care for mom and baby (2) Utilization of resources necessary to maintain the health of mother and baby and (3) Prevention of unplanned pregnancies.
It also helps them remember that they are part of a community that cares for them. The beginning point is pregnancy. The final stop is a healthy one year old child and the ability to care for that child in terms of providing a source of income, housing, support system and other factors involved in maintaining optimum health status. We love the idea of saving our own lives, advocating for our own children and being our sister’s sister. Each pregnant woman receives individual case management. This includes identifying and coordinating services offered by agencies such as the Health Department, Criminal Justice, Child Protective Services and Social Services.

All you have to do to participate is:
•Be pregnant at the time of enrollment
•Accept the Birthing Project "Sister Friend" program
•Be willing to share your appointment date and times

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