Cierra Mayberry

Volunteer of the Month

      Cierra Mayberry is always ready to provide to provide support to the Arkansas Birthing Project when asked to do so.  She has helped with Little Sister recruitment, Annual Meeting preparation and registration, recruited volunteers for our educational video re-makes and makes deliveries to program participants when needed. 


Thanks, Cierra for your dedication and support!



Tamesha Shaver

      This Women’s Health Month 2021 we recognize the support of our ride -or- die Sister Friend extraordinaire - Tamesha Lewis Shavers!  Tamesha has been an unwavering supporter of the Arkansas Birthing Project since she first became involved as a Little Sister and then Bunch Manger a few years ago.  Along the way she has become wife to her husband, Brandon, and mother to their 3 little girls.  Even though she is terribly busy these days with her own family, she still is always willing to lend a hand of support for others! We love you!


Kathleen Oates

      Elder Kathleen Oates joined the Arkansas Birthing Project family after the death of her sister - who was one of our Senior Elders.  Elder Oates is always willing to lend a hand to assist and support the Project and our Mothers and Babies.  She is a lovingly fierce advocate for families and has been especially supportive during the Covid-19 pandemic giving consult and material support to others. We are overjoyed that she claims us!


Ruby Johnson

      During the COVID-19 pandemic, several babies have been born in Ashley County, Arkansas. Along with the support of Hope Birthing Project Sister Friends and Elders, Ruby Johnson shares a sense of gratitude for her community and gives to help others mentally and physically during this difficult time for many. A primary task of the Birthing Project currently is to continue to provide a sense of purpose. which in turn helps protects her community against developing depression while missing widespread socialization with others.

     Assisting with material and social supports to pregnant and new moms, The Hope Birthing Project has a passion for supporting the entire family.  The Birthing project is connecting and strengthening ties to the community to embrace social distancing, promote the importance of getting the flu shot, and of wearing of masks when interacting with others and handwashing often. 

     The Hope Birthing Project is also informing families of neighborhood resource, keeping in regular contact with others to help develop a solid support system.  All these things are being accomplished while staying indoors, and isolating self and family from exposure to COVID-19. 

Volunteer Technical Assistant

Surabhee Eswaran

     Surabhee Eswaran joined Arkansas Birthing Project in the summer of 2020 as Volunteer Technical Assistant, after learning about the organization during one of its annual meeting. As a Volunteer Technical Assistant, she has helped in ensuring that members of Arkansas Birthing Project have access to educational material dealing with pregnancy and infancy. She has also assisted in increasing the organization's online presence while learning about the importance of communication, hard work, and dedication.

     In addition to volunteering at Arkansas Birthing Project, Surabhee is currently a senior at Little Rock Central High School and has also been a trained classical dancer for 12+ years.


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