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COVID-19 Education Outreach

The Arkansas Birthing Project has teamed up with the CDC Foundation and the Arkansas Department of Health - Office of Health Equity to partner with other groups  in our communities and offer COVID-19 Educational resources and supplies.   

  •  COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to get pregnant now, or who might become pregnant in the future. When possible, have a conversation with your healthcare provider about COVID-19 vaccination. People who are pregnant or recently pregnant are more likely to get severely ill with COVID-19 compared with people who are not pregnant. 


  •  If you are pregnant and have received a COVID-19 vaccine, we encourage you to enroll in v-safe,   CDC’s smartphone-based tool that provides personalized health check-ins after vaccination. A v-safe pregnancy registry has been established to gather information on the health of pregnant people who have received a COVID-19 vaccine. You can access it at: V-safe After Vaccination Health Checker | CDC

  • Getting a COVID-19 vaccine can help protect you from severe illness from COVID-19. 


  • People who are pregnant may receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot. 


  • Evidence about the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy has been growing. Data suggest that the benefits of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine outweigh any known or potential risks of vaccination during pregnancy. 


  • There is currently no evidence that any vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, cause fertility problems in women or erectile problems in men. 

  • Wear an N95 or KN95 mask to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  IF N95 masks are not available, wear a cloth mask over a paper surgical mask to help provide protection and reduce the spread of COVID-19.



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