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Does Social Support matter?

Many studies have been conducted on the subject of social supports and the effects they can have upon behaviors and actions. It is a proven fact that women who have strong social support during pregnancy have much more success in having a healthier outcome - carrying baby to full term, having a normal weight baby, decreasing the likelihood of premature labor, less post-partum stress. Why is social support important?

· Pregnancy is an emotional time! Having support during this time ensures that we do the things we must do to keep us healthy and prevent us from engaging in detrimental or negative activities or behaviors. Moods affected by rising hormone levels coupled with fatigue and feeling downright uncomfortable and stressed are challenges faced by many women. Add to this mix the additional stress of lifestyle factors and responsibility for the care of others! Pregnant women need extra supports!

· Having extra support can be just the influence we need to stay on track when we go through the life changing event of pregnancy. We can always learn new perspective or strategies or other ways of doing things from a caring person in our lives. Give yourself permission to relax. Assess your special needs during this critical time.

· Consistently checking in with someone who has our best interest at heart helps us to stay motivated and helps to maintain consistently positive actions, behaviors and attitudes. Being able to share concerns and ideas with someone who is vested in your well being is a powerfully healing experience.

· We are less fearful of changes when we do not have to go through them alone but have an interested and supportive person to share them with.

Receiving support during pregnancy- a stressful time in our lives- can promote positive outcomes and prevent negative physical and psychological out-comes. Social support really does matter during pregnancy!

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