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Are you Resilient?

How would you describe a resilient person? When people are asked this question, there are many competing descriptions brought forth. Resilient people see solving obstacles as a way to arrive at new opportunities to empower and help others. Resilient people are emotionally composed, even when they are attacked. They quickly acknowledge obstacles and ask others for input to solve problems. They aren’t threatened by others, but they do invite different perspectives in the decision making process.

Resilient people are service minded. They are not too busy to reach out to other or to give honest feedback and constructive criticism- or to take it. Resilience is not the same as being tough. It is about being approachable.

Are you ready to develop your resilience? Here’s how to start:

  • Use stressful times as personal growth time

  • Establish regular times for self reflection and goal setting? Some do this in prayer.

  • Know your individual worth- and believe in it and nurture it!

  • Inspire others to see and value their self worth too!

  • Be willing to look at things from various perspectives

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